Adeu Barcelona, Ciao Milan!

Barcelona. January the 11th 2017.

it’s been 1 year, 8 months and 23 days since we moved here. Lots of things have changed since then (for instance, back then we didn’t even know each other). Here we have worked hard, had lots of fun, fell in love and tried every and each possible brunch place in town.

It really feels weird now to think of us living some place else however we’ve done all we could to actually take this step and we’re absolutely sure that no matter what this will be grand.

We’re writing this while flying to Milan, 30 minutes until landing (give it or take it). So you might wonder what the actual heck are you guys doing over there? Well, good question my dear. As we quit our job, we started working on our own business.

Andrea started working on a project a few months back for a well known Italian e-commerce and this is now opening up new possibilities for us. We’re indeed going to meet a few people (often times in business language these folks are referred as “prospects”) and hopefully we’ll manage to get something out of it.

We’re not going to stay here too long. Just enough to meet everyone we need to meet and then we’ll go ahead with our journey (stay tuned to see where we’re headed! And don’t forget to follow us also on Instagram and on twitter).


For now the only things we know is that between Barcelona and Milan there’s a humongus temperature drop that we’re still not ready for (12C in Barcelona, 0C in Milan) and that we’re going to miss Barcelona so much.

Bonus content!

As we’ve been in Barcelona fairly long, we’re working on a super comprehensive expat guide to Barcelona. It’ll cover everything from “How to get to the city” to “Where can I get a yummy breakfast?”. Stay tuned because it’ll be realised very soon.

We’re now about to land and the cabin crew guy asked me already a couple of times to put away my laptop. This means, end of the article. We’ll keep you guys posted on what’s the story with us!

Ciao and Doei!

Andrea & Nina

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