Best Cafes to Work from in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

There are so many cafes in Kaohsiung, that it’s quite impossible to list all of them. We noticed that many cafes are perfectly geared towards remote workers, as in most of them there are plenty of sockets available as well as fast wifi. As we mostly stayed in the Gushan, Yancheng and Qianjin districts, we’ve selected the best cafes to work from around there.

E-C. Cafe (E-commerce Cafe)


Perhaps our favorite place to work from is the E-Commerce cafe located near the metro station Yanchengpu. There is literally no one, but it’s definitely perfect for working. There is a large co-working table and internet is pretty fast. The girl who works there is super nice and there is relaxing jazz music playing in the background. The coffee is not too bad and they also serve sandwiches. Andrea also hosted some digital nomad meetups in here, as it’s a great spot to organize a co-working day.

Internet Speed: 30-40 mbps

Cappuccino price: 85 NTD

Expert Coffee Rating: 5/10

A/C: yes

Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM and 6:30PM to 9:30PM



Do Good Coffee & Dessert

Do good coffee

This small and cozy place is located near the Art Pier 2 Center and is specialized in coffee. When you order a coffee, they will actually ask you what kind of coffee beans you want to try! They also have an amazing sandwich as well as yummy scones and cakes. There is a great big table to work at, with plenty of sockets. As a bonus, there is also the owners’ cute dog running around the cafe.

Internet Speed: 5-15 mbps

Cappuccino price: 110 NTD

Expert Coffee Rating: 8.5/10

A/C: yes

Opening Hours: 10AM – 6PM (Closed on Tuesdays)



simTree Coffee

simtree cafe

This is a pretty cool cafe and working space close to the orange line metro stop “Sinyi Elementary School”, so it’s located quite centrally. They have decent coffee as well as pastries and breads. Upstairs, you can find a big coworking table with loads of sockets. Generally, it’s quite busy, so make sure to come earlier so that you can get a good spot.

Another tip: You can sign up for the membership and get a membership card via the panel on the right when you enter the cafe. The prices for members is much cheaper, and signing up is completely free, so it’s definitely worth it!

Internet Speed:  15-25 mbps

Cappuccino price: 105 NTD

Expert Coffee Rating: 4/10

A/C: yes

Opening Hours: 7:30AM – 10PM





This brunch cafe is a bit pricier, but if you feel like a nice western-style brunch, then this is definitely the place to be! They have great eggs benedict, frittatas and quiches as well a very decent coffee. During the week it’s pretty quiet, but in weekends it can get quite busy because it’s a very popular place to get brunch and many tables are reserved. They have fast internet and a big co-working table in the back with plenty of sockets.

Internet Speed: 15 – 30 mbps

Cappuccino Price: 110 NTD

Expert Coffee Rating: 8/10

A/C: yes

Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM



Tribbiani Cafe

Tribbiani cafe

This little cafe is located in Shizhiwan, near the Ferry Terminal to Cijin Island. It’s a very cozy place, and very quiet. The owner speaks excellent English (I think he grew up in the US or Canada) and the coffee is pretty good as well. Internet is super fast and there are plenty of sockets available. Definitely a nice place to work from! There are also a lot of Taiwanese dessert places around, so make sure to try one of them 😉

Internet Speed: 50 – 60 mbps

Cappuccino Price:  120 NTD

Expert Coffee Rating: 7.5/10

A/C: yes

Opening hours: 10AM – 8PM (Closed on Thursdays)



MI’s Cafe

MI's cafe

This small cafe is close to the Love River and they have great coffee and brunch. What we like about it is that it opens rather early (unlike most other cafes in Kaohsiung) and they have very fast internet. During lunchtime, it can get a little full, but during weekdays it’s never very busy. The only thing that is not so nice is that they have just a squatting toilet. It looks super clean but that’s not something I can get used to… Ever!

Internet Speed: 70-80 mbps

Cappuccino Price:  100 NTD

Expert Coffee Rating: 8/10

A/C: yes

Opening hours: 8AM – 6PM



Cafe d’Amour


This is a rather fancy cafe, but it’s so nicely decorated, with loads of paintings, beautiful wooden tables, and vintage chairs, that it’s worth every penny. The cafe is more of a dessert place, but it is also quite well suited to do some work. The coffee is decent and they have really delicious cakes as well.

Internet Speed: 5 – 7 mbps

Cappuccino Price:  130 NTD

Expert Coffee Rating: 6.5/10

A/C: yes

Opening hours: 10AM – 8PM


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