Different Types of Digital Nomads: What Type Are You?

The group of people that call themselves ‘digital nomads’ or ‘remote workers’ is made out of different types of people, each of which having different preferences when it comes to traveling and living the location independent lifestyle.

I have tried to distinguish four different types of remote workers, after meeting some of these different types along the way during my digital nomad journey this year. I’ve tried to kind of categorize them, but of course, it’s not that simple as every person is different. And a person might change their traveling habits after a while, and become a different type of nomad in a different stage of their lives.

Can you discover which type most accurately describes you currently? 🙂

The Perpetual Wanderer: Always On The Move

This type of digital nomad is constantly on the move, and loves it! He or she will stay at one place for maximum three months, before they feel the urge to move on again. Usually, they are still pretty young and they want to explore and see as many places as possible. They are often social and adventurous and are more likely to have their own business that enables them to choose their own working hours and be flexible.

When people are starting out the digital nomad life, they usually start in this way: they are eager to see as much as possible and have the drive and energy to travel around the world and constantly be on the move.

The Casual Globetrotter: Stays In A Country 3 to 6 Months

The type that likes to stay in a certain place for around three to six months I like to call the ‘Casual Globetrotter’. They like to take their time when discovering a new place and a new culture. But after a few months have passed, they do feel the urge to pack their bags and continue their journey to discover new places. During their stay, they also might go for short trips around the city/country they are staying at.

If you love to discover new places but like to take your time to discover and enjoy a new environment and culture, then you may just be a casual globetrotter.

The Occasional Traveler: Has A Home Base And Travels From There

Some people like to have a home to return to, which is their ‘home base’. From there, they will travel occasionally, but often for a longer period, like one to three months. Even if they have a home base, which might be in a different country than where they are originally from, they still love to travel and experience other countries and cultures.

If you love traveling, and you often feel the itch to travel, but at the same time, you love your home and you don’t want to give up your house and home base, then this type might be you!

The Flexible Expat: Stays For A Year Or Longer

This type of remote worker wants to fully immerse him or herself in the local culture, which requires them to stay longer in a certain place. In a sense, they are more expat than digital nomad. They want to learn more about the culture, learn the language and make friends with the locals so that they can truly experience what it’s like to live as a local.

If you don’t like traveling all the time, and rather like to stay put, living the local life and be a ‘slow traveler’ then you might associate yourself more with this type of remote worker.


So, what type of digital nomad are you? If you think that we forgot to mention a certain type, then definitely let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Grace O Donnell

    I’m totally the first type though I reckon in another two years or so I’ll switch to having a homebase.

    • Nina

      That’s a good plan! I think we are planning to do that as well. It’s just nice to have a home to come back to 🙂

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