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If we were to name the absolutely most asked question after releasing our first blog post a few days back, it must be “OMG! Why did you move from Barcelona to Milan?!?!?!”. I reckon, fair play, that’d have been a very sad change.

We didn’t move to Milan!

Luckily we didn’t really move there, but instead, we popped by very quickly (just three days) as I have a few good friends living there. Actually, I’m working already on a couple of months with one of them to revamp the website of the e-commerce he works for.

New Opportunities

Also, thanks to this chap we have been introduced to a couple of people who are very active in the Italian startup scene and could potentially lead to new projects. Going a bit deeper into this, two of these lads run an e-learning platform 100% made in Italy and they pride themselves on providing their users with high-quality content coming directly from professionals highly involved in the whole startup scene. Their courses go from mere development to marketing and growth hacking.

These guys are rocking it! I went through some of their free resources and the quality of the information is absolutely top notch. So should you speak Italian and be interested in broadening your skill set, definitely check them out at

The “meeting” we had was terrific, in a very peculiar pizzeria called Pizza AM. The spot is rather small and obviously, we didn’t have a reservation (I guess that the place actually doesn’t accept reservation at all). In any case, there was a very funny dude working there who sweetened the waiting time (around 40 mins) by filling our stomachs with Pizza and prosecco.


By the time we actually took a seat we’d already devoured two slices of pizza and possibly 5/6 proseccos each. The pizza is very good and made by some Italian Pizza Champions (there are tournaments for pretty much anything nowadays), should you have a “business meeting” in Milan, or simply crave some pizza, definitely check out this spot.



Of course, we didn’t spend the whole time in there and we took the chance to get some more work, tourism, and fooding done. We’ve worked from a pretty cool coworking space called Coffice Milano, just off the metro Porta Romana metro station.


You can pay the day fee of 14 euro and enjoy unlimited coffee and food or opt for an hourly rate (4 euro the first hour and then 1.5 euro every 30 minutes).

We have also enjoyed a nice cocktail right from the Campari terrace, facing the beautiful Duomo as well as some very traditional Aperitivo around the Navigli. Last but definitely not least we have been to an amazing restaurant called Trattoria de la Trebia (again just off the Porta Romana metro station) – there we enjoyed a super fresh burrata surrounded by melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto, some very simple and tasty spaghetti with tomato sauce and an incredibly good tiramisu.


Everything from the welcoming to the food has been memorable and we’re sure we’ll definitely go there again if we’ll happen to be in town again.

Now we are “enjoying” the south of Italy that welcomed us with freezing cold temperatures and a whole lot of rain. Hopefully, things will improve soon as we’ve got to spend a whole month in here!

Will definitely keep you all posted on that, anyways.



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