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Hotel Classification: 5 Star

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Hotel Majestic in Kuala Lumpur is a 5-star luxury hotel situated slightly outside the city center and close to the KL Bird Park. It’s part of the Autograph Collection of Marriott and the hotel is located in a beautiful and grand colonial building. Everything about the hotel just speaks luxury, but it also felt like a bit like a business hotel.

We stayed for two nights for Andrea’s birthday and we enjoyed every second of it! Read below my review about Hotel Majestic KL.

Hotel Grounds

The lobby and hotel entrance

The hotel is actually pretty big and covers not only the main building but also a separate building which is reserved for Club access guests, as well as many meeting rooms, event halls and of course several restaurants and bar. When we first arrived we actually accidentally arrived at the Club building, so the lady at the reception graciously brought us to the main building.


Flowers at the Hotel Entrance

At the main building’s reception, we were again warmly greeted by the staff and we could swiftly check-in. The reception and lobby is a grand hall with colonial touches here and there. It’s very spacious and grand, which gives it quite a majestic feel.

Interior Design

The Tea Lounge

The interior style can be described as colonial, elegant and classy. I really liked the colonial touches in the decor, and the marbled floor in the lobby, as well as the carpet floor in the room hallways, felt very luxurious. The only thing that felt a little out of place were the escalators near the main lobby. That doesn’t really fit in a colonial-style building I think.

Gym & Pool

Hotel pool

The gym and the pool were located on the 4th floor of the main building. The pool is quite big, though I found it a bit run down, when I was swimming underwater. Also, you could hear the cars passing quite loudly on the pool terrace, so it’s not really nice to relax and chill at the pool. There is a really nice view of the city though.

The gym was functional and big enough, with all the basic fitness machines present, so pretty basic.


Majestic Bed!

We were given a beautiful corner room on one of the top floors which was lovely! There was a minor setback as when we arrived in front of the door and tried to open the door, somehow it was locked from the inside (?! super weird!) but we alerted the reception and someone came very quick to repair it. Just a minor thing and we thought it was pretty funny actually!

Majestic Hotel Room

When we entered the room we were impressed with the lovely bed and the gorgeous and big bathroom. Overall, the room looked very clean and new, though I did see some damages on some furniture. There was also a large and comfy lounge sofa and a nice working desk. There was only one chair, so unfortunately only one us of could work at the desk. Also, the wifi was very slow which was kind of a bummer.

View from our hotel room

Our room also had a lovely 180 degrees view over KL, and the room was nice and bright as there were windows all around. The bed was really comfortable and soft; Marriott hotels always have the best beds somehow! We slept like two babies.

Majestic Bathroom

The bathroom had a big bathtub in the middle, two sinks and separate shower and toilet. It felt super luxurious also because there was a TV in front of the bathtub embedded in the wall!! Too bad I didn’t take a bath during our stay but that definitely felt very luxurious. The only thing that was a bit strange to me was that there was a huge glass door separating the bathroom, and for privacy, you also needed to close the curtain. I thought that wasn’t very “user-friendly”.

Other than that, everything else in the room was beautiful!



Dinner Buffet

Breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet definitely was both extensive & exquisite! There were a lot of choices, from Western food to Indian to Malay. What really surprised us was that they actually had a barista who made excellent cappuccino, something that you don’t see often in big hotel chains. The breakfast buffet was served at the Contango restaurant just next to the lobby.

Tea Room

Jazz band

Located between the main building and the club one, there is a gorgeous colonial-style bar and tea room, called the Tea Lounge and Colonial Cafe. It looks very elegant and classy, and you can get your afternoon tea there, sitting in one of the comfy looking lounge chairs. In the evening there is a live jazz band and a cocktail bar. Super classy!


Dinner buffet at Contango

Dessert selection

We decided to ‘splurge’ (meaning €23 per person!) and try the dinner buffet at the Contango restaurant. There were a lot of choices: Japanese, Indian, Western, Malay, Chinese and probably more! There was a live pasta station, loads of freshly cut sashimi, very delicious lamb, Indian curries, Malay food as well and so much more. And don’t even get me started on the dessert selection! I wished that we had bigger tummies because I was full way too soon! It was definitely a very good buffet for a very decent price and I definitely give the dinner a 10/10 rating!


Birthday surprise cake!

The service was quite impeccable and everything went super smoothly and all the staff was always friendly and helpful. However, I didn’t see that “extra-touch” that some 5-star hotels show through their service. I think that the hotel is more for business people, so everything is quite formal.

After we had dinner on our first night, we even found a birthday chocolate cake for Andrea in our room, such a nice suprise! It’s the small things that really stand out.


The Majestic Hotel is located slightly outside KL city center, but everything is still relatively accessible, just not by walking. Luckily, Grab and Uber are really affordable in Malaysia! I just thought it was too bad that nothing was really within walking distance. We did walk to the Central market, but it was a bit of an adventure to get there. However, there is a big park just behind the hotel, and it’s also where the KL Bird Park is located.

Hotel Majestic Logo


  • Amazing rooms and beds are super comfortable
  • Excellent breakfast buffet and dinner. Food quality is very good
  • Beautiful colonial building and design


  • Some features are a bit run down, such as the pool and some furniture in the room
  • Wifi was very slow

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