Hotel Review: The Mirror Barcelona

Finding a decently priced hotel in Barcelona is getting harder and harder these days, so we were pleasantly surprised to find this 4-star boutique hotel for a fair price.

The Mirror is conveniently located in L’Eixample izquierda, meaning to the area left of Passeig de Gracia. It’s just 4 minutes walking to Passeig de Gracia, the main shopping street of Barcelona, and around 20 minutes to Plaza Catalunya.

We stayed here for 4 nights, and overall, it was a very nice stay! We didn’t try the food here as we wanted to revisit all our favorite brunch places again, but we had a look at the breakfast selection and it seemed okay. There wasn’t much, and we thought that the price of €18 per person is a bit too much for what you get.

Hotel Grounds

Reception & Interior

Hotel reception

Entrance to breakfast room

The name of the hotel says it all: There are a lot of mirrors inside and everything is white. You will also find quite a few white statues of classy male angels, which I think is a nice touch. I would say it has a futuristic yet classic look.

When you enter the hotel, immediately to your left there is a bar (which is a good start!) and next to the bar the front desk is located. Also, they play some amazing mellow jazz music from the 50’s, and we loved that!

I really liked the lifts, as they were see-through, and because there was a massive mirror hanging on the other side, you could see yourself going up in the elevator, which was somehow fun to see.


Rooftop pool

There was also a small rooftop with a little plunge pool. As we went to Barcelona in February, we didn’t really make use of these, but it did look very cozy and there was a nice view on Tibidabo in the distance. It was pertty small though, and it didn’t look like many people could fit. Barcelona has a lot of amazing rooftops, so this one wasn’t very special to be honest.


The Sauna is located on the top floor right next to the entrance of the rooftop. We didn’t make use of it, but it looked quite spacious. If you want to make use of it you need to inform the reception an hour beforehand.


Spacious bed


As you might expect there are a lot of mirrors also in the room which is somewhat disconcerting at times, but it does make the room seem more spacious. And everything is white. I do understand where they wanted to go with all the white and mirrors, but at times I felt a bit like I was in a hospital. And painting everything in white has the unfortunate consequence that everything gets dirtier easier and quicker, so some scratches could be seen on the floors and on the walls.

Loads of mirrors...

The bed was very comfortable, we did sleep like angels. We also had a very quiet room, we literally couldn’t hear a thing, even though the hotel is located close to a busy street. Additionally, even though there was the airconditioning on, we didn’t really hear it.

Open bathroom

The bathroom is an open bathroom with separate “cabins” for shower and toilet. The doors to the shower and toilet were quite see-through which I found a bit weird, as someone can quite clearly see when someone else is on the toilet… Also the shower door was basically just glass, so you can see inside the shower. I guess for couples it’s fine, but what if you share a room with a friend? I can imagine that this might be pretty uncomfortable.



Lounge chairs at the lobby

Overall, the service was pretty good, though nobody really went ‘the extra mile’, but I don’t really expect that from a 4-star hotel. What I did like was that on the first day they actually called us to ask when they could clean up the room.


The location of The Mirror hotel is spot on, as you are very close to the city center as well as to other neighborhoods such as Gracia. There is also a train station very close by, and loads of restaurants, bars and shops nearby.

For more information and tips about Barcelona, have a look at my blog post about What to do, see & eat in Barcelona in a long weekend.


  • Great Location
  • Very comfortable bed
  • Quiet room
  • Friendly staff
  • Nice jazz music in the lobby


  • The interior feels slightly stark
  • Not a fan of the open bathroom, as the doors are basically see through, so no privacy
  • Pool on the rooftop was very small

So many mirrors!

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