Packing List & Useful Items For Digital Nomad Girls

With the help of three awesome digital nomad girls, Hayley, Grace and Molly, I have compiled a packing list for digital nomad girls that includes some useful items that you might not be thinking of taking with you initially.

Lightweight & Quick-dry towel

This has proven to be my most useful item during my travels so far! As you’re most likely won’t be staying in luxury hotels, you might need a towel when you go swimming or to the beach. Like this one from Decathlon that you can roll up.


Pegs can be handy!

You might be thinking: “Pegs…? Why?” but Hayley makes a good point:  I hate it that some of these places have terrible curtains that let all the light in! And as a bonus, they double up to close any open food bags. I totally agree!!

Dry Shampoo from Lush

Avoid taking a heavy bottle of Shampoo (that might potentially leak in your luggage as well!) and instead, get a dry shampoo from Lush, Grace recommends.

Lip Balm/Lipstick Combo

Why get two when you can get both in one? A lip balm that also gives your lips some nice shine and color is an excellent combo for long travels! I usually always buy Labello, but I also love Burt’s Bees!

Sufficient Hairbands

I left home 8 months ago with 8 hairbands, and now I only have 1 left. Of course, you can buy these anywhere, but they are so small, so it’s easier to just take a couple with you.

Water Bottle with Filter Function

A really handy trip from Hayley: buying a water bottle that comes with a water filter. The one that Hayley recommends is called Grayl and it filters out heavy metals, all bacteria, some fluoride, and it doesn’t require any electricity. The bottle is light and can be used to filter water for cooking, drinking etc.

Find it here:

Probiotics & Vitamins


Especially when eating street food in third world countries, you never know what has touched the food prior to you consuming it, and it’s better to strengthen your gut by taking some probiotics. Molly recommends Acidophulus, which she takes once a day.

I also have my vitamin pills with me (Multivitamins and vitamin C), which I take whenever I have a long day ahead of me.


Always check with your GP what kind of medication you might need to take with you on your journey. Malaria pills are essential in many Asian countries, as well as anti-diarrhea pills.

If you take the pill, then make sure that before you leave, you have enough of those for your entire journey!

Always take some aspirins and ibuprofen with you as well.

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

When visiting countries that are near to the equator, you will likely experience a lot of rain. So a lightweight waterproof jacket is a good item to take with you.



Bringing books will just bulk up your luggage, so better take with you a Kindle or any other e-book, where you can basically store a whole library.


Not only handy for on the plane, but also when you find yourself in a noisy accommodation.

Ziploc Bags

For any unused food or stuff that you don’t want to get wet. Tip from Hayley: They’re also good to keep your money separate if you have different currencies.

Combination Lock

Combination locks

Take one or two combination locks with you (and write down the code somewhere, just in case!) so that you are able to lock your bags when you check them in or you are storing them somewhere.

Personal alarm for girls

Walking home alone at night in an unknown country can be a bit daunting for girls (a sad truth). With a personal alarm, you will feel a bit safer, says Molly. I definitely agree!

Mini sewing kit

A mini sewing kit is always useful in case you find a hole in your socks or rest of your clothes!

Not too many shoes!


Finally, it’s recommended to not take too many shoes with you. In fact, one pair of sneakers/sports shoes and one pair of flip flops is more than enough. I know it’s difficult ladies, but really, that’s all you need and if you decided to become a digital nomad, then minimalism is key! And anyway, in case you do decide that you need more shoes, you can always use that as an excuse for shopping 😉


I hope that you found this list to be somewhat useful. If you have questions or comments let me know in the comment section below!

Special thanks to these amazing and experienced Digital Nomad ladies who gave me the best recommendations for this packing list:

Molly – Digital Nomad and Freelance Marketing Specialist & Graphic Designer/Illustrator –

Hayley – Digital Nomad, entrepreneur, and owner of Hayley’s Virtual Co-working Space –

Grace – Digital Nomad and award-winning videographer & copywriter –

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