Top 5 Apps For Travelers And Digital Nomads

Whether we like it or not, our mobile phone has become a major companion during in our day-by-day life. Even more so if you are a digital nomad or a traveler! Having the right apps to help you during your journey can be extremely helpful in many situations.

Here you can find a few helpful travel apps that we selected just for you!


TripIt is by far our top pick! In a single screen, it will list all your upcoming flights and stays in a nice and clean fashion. You can create an account for free and send all your booking confirmations to TripIt, or you can opt to let the app scan your mailbox for the confirmation emails (which work extremely well). We love that the app also stores basic information such as addresses of accommodations and hotels, flight times, check-in times and much more, which can all be viewed offline as well. This could be extremely helpful when perhaps you are in a taxi and you don’t have your accommodations address at hand. The app also offers a paid service, however, we don’t see a specific reason for you to upgrade the account as the majority of cool features are already available in the free version.



Hopper not only has a cute bunny mascot but is also super useful when trying to find the best deal for a certain flight. It will show you the best rate that can be found at the present time and also you if you should wait to book, as prices might drop further in the future. Without going too much into details, the algorithm that is used works like a charm and allows you to save some $$$ in your trips. For one of our (sort of) upcoming trips to Miami, the cute bunny advised me to wait as the current best price (which then was 470€ return) might have dropped in the future and indeed two weeks later a notification popped up telling me that the flight dropped to 390€! 80€ saved just thanks to this little guy!


Not much to say about Flip other than “download it because it works beautifully”. Flip is a currency converter application that’s easy to use and unlike the majority of other similar apps, it also has a sleek and cool design which makes the whole process much more enjoyable.


TimeOut is an amazing app especially when you are new in a city. It shows you what events are going on in a given city, so you will never be left with nothing to do. As a bonus, it also finds restaurants and bars nearby (which never hurts). You can also add the “things you love” allowing the app to personalize the recommendation to what better suits you. The only downside we think is worth mentioning, is that sometimes there is no description of the activities the app shows., yet we believe that it’s nothing that a simple Google research won’t fix.


Especially when traveling long term across countries and living a nomadic life it can be complicated to be always reachable at a certain phone number. You will often find yourself swapping sim card in every country making it very complicated to provide people with your “go-to number”. Thankfully, onoff allows you “rent” a phone number in a given country (the number of countries available is truly impressive) for one, three, six or twelve months allowing you to be always reachable (provided that you have an active internet connection) no matter where you are. You login, choose your country and phone number and pay. That’s it, dead easy. I find this extremely helpful when dealing with my clients, for example. They know that they can reach me on the onoff number anytime and I will be always there to pick up the call. The price is also spot on, starting from 9.99€/month or 89.99€/year.


We hope this list of apps was helpful for you guys, and in the future, we might write a new blog post about some new travel apps we found, so check back regularly 😉

Andrea and Nina

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