Top 5 Reasons Why Having a Travel Blog is Amazing

Hi guys!

I just wanted to give you an update that I will be ‘rebranding’ Things Nomads Do a bit. Basically, until now, I have always written from a perspective that includes Andrea (so writing ‘we’ and ‘us’ instead of ‘I’), but I will be changing to my personal perspective. 

That doesn’t mean that Andrea won’t be part of the blog anymore of course! We travel together so he will always be part of it 🙂  It’s just that the past months it’s been me who has been writing all these blog posts as well as updating Social Media channels and generally working on the blogs’ online presence by writing guest posts and reaching out to potential partners.

So we both agreed that it’s best that from now on, Things Nomads Do would completely switch to my perspective.

These past couple months, I loved writing travel blog posts and articles for remote workers and it sort of became my baby. I really want to continue growing the blog and sharing travel and remote working information with you guys!

That’s why I compiled a list of my top 5 reasons why I love having a travel blog! Here we go:

1. My Online Travel Diary

Having a travel blog is essentially like keeping an online travel diary. The memories you make during your travels are never forgotten as you write down your experiences and publish them on the web, always to be found via Search Engines (unless you stop renewing your hosting & domain service…) 😉

One day, I know that I can look back and read about my cool experiences which will enable me to relive them and cherish these memories forever.

2. Another Creative Outlet

I have always loved writing (I’m currently also writing a book!) and it has always been sort of a creative outlet for me. Keeping travel diaries and writing travel stories is a fun way for me to let out my creative side, especially because describing all the experiences can be written with colorful words.

Also, traveling expands your horizons and provides me with fresh inspiration every time. That’s why I love it so much!

3. Sharing Info and Tips About Traveling

I have been traveling basically all my life and as such, I do think that I have gained quite some travel experience throughout the years. I have also lived in different countries and have experienced different cultures. Therefore, I really like sharing tips and tricks about traveling and certain destinations, that can help people with their travels.

When I hear from readers that they thought a blog post was really helpful for them it just makes my day 🙂

4. The Feeling of Managing My Own Business

Running a travel blog is basically running your own business. You have to create content, keep all social media up-to-date, analyze analytics such as page views, think of new ways to drive traffic to the blog and reach out to potential partners. And don’t get me started on monetizing the blog! (still have to figure that one out!)

It’s a lot of work but it’s really fun because it’s my own thing. It’s like having your own little business and watching it grow is probably one of the most satisfying feelings to experience.

5. It’s Like Leaving a (Digital) Footprint in The Sand (Internet)

This might sound a bit like a silly reason, but this blog also enabled me to sort of leave a digital footprint on the Internet (again, unless you stop renewing your domain & hosting service! haha). And that’s kind of a nice thought, that something you have created will be out there on the Internet forever, to be found by other people.

And that’s why we love the internet so much, isn’t it? Because it enables us to contribute to our society so much easier than in the past.

Sammi Leaving Footprints in the Sand



What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below if you have questions about starting your own travel blog!

  • mom

    Nicely written, Ninii, good to be on your own ! Yes indeed you have always kept travel diaries when we traveled so this is a good way to expand the boundaries of writing.
    Travel is really an adventure.
    Ah… picture of our cute Sammi ?
    Mom just entered new email address and hope your blog will land in my inbox and not in promotions inbox.

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