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As some of you may know, about 2 years ago, I changed careers to become a UX Designer. Back then I did a full-time online UX design course, and then started working as a freelance UX designer.

You can read more about my journey in this blog post on the Hubud blog page.

Since then, a lot has changed, as I now work in Amsterdam as a CX Designer. To keep my knowledge up-to-date I like to keep studying subjects on UX design and Interaction design, as well as some more strategic subjects like UX Strategy.

I’ve found that the online learning platform is a really great way to do that, and in this post, I just want to tell you a bit more about it as well as some tips regarding how to keep focused while doing online courses!


What is is a website where you can find loads of online interaction & UX design courses. You need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee and then you can do as many courses as you like. What I really like about their courses is that they are subdivided in smaller lessons, and there is a mix of videos and reading material, multiple choice questions and open-ended questions (which are graded within 2 weeks) and I think this makes for a nice and diverse learning experience.

I also like their points system: when doing the lessons, there is always a progress bar at the top of the page, which somehow feels really rewarding when you gained new points.

And there is a nice reward at the end of a course, provided you collected at least 70% of the total points: a cool certificate to show off your accomplishments! If you reach 90% of the total points you even receive a nice extra bonus accomplishment on your certificate. You can also show them on Linkedin.

Check out mine:

3 Tips to keep focused while learning online

  • I’ve found that on Friday afternoons my productivity levels decrease significantly and I think this is a good time to study a bit. It’s like you’re being productive but in a different way, so it’s somehow doable.
  • There are always at least a few hours a week that you spend on Youtube or some other random website, just scrolling down mindlessly. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some of the hours and use them for some good old studying? (It’s easier said than done though!)
  • Cut your study time up in chunks and reward yourself with something small. For example, study for 25-30 minutes, and after that rewards yourself with a cup of coffee or just reading a news article online. After you’ve done that, you can continue studying.

Do you have any tips regarding how to stay focused while studying something online? Or do you have any questions about Then just leave a comment in the comment section below, and I’ll reply to you as fast as I can 😉

This post is sponsored by, and fully reflects my own opinion.

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