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Hi guys!

We’ve now been in Sanur, Bali for over a month, and so far we’re loving it!
Sanur is a small, coastal town, just east of Denpasar. Even though there are many hotels and restaurants, it still feels more local than other popular places such as Ubud and Canggu. Also, the tourism that you find here is a slightly older crowd, and also more relaxed and calm. We are not party people, so for us it is absolutely perfect. Of course, if you like to party and meet young people, then Canggu or Seminyak might be more your thing.

We love the relaxing atmosphere of Sanur however, and we are glad we picked this area to stay in Bali. We also think that Sanur is a perfect place for Digital Nomads, and if you’re looking for something more local, then Sanur might be a good choice, other than the popular spots Canggu and Ubud, which we found to be quite crowded.

We have another month left, but we already want to share some of our thoughts on Sanur, so this is Part 1!

Things Nomads Do in Sanur

Coworking at Genius Cafe
During the week, we are either working at home or at this amazing coworking cafe right at the beach. It’s a relatively new coworking space, so it’s quiet and there are not too many people working there, which we love, as we thought Dojo in Canggu was incredibly crowded when we visited it. The staff at Genius cafe is also super friendly, and after a couple of weeks, they all knew us by name! Also, they organize some cool events, such as Skill shares on Tuesdays, and once a month they also host a Startup Grind. Another major plus, is that their membership fee is very affordable – just 20 euros a month, including free entrance to events and 20% discount for the food, which is also amazing by the way. So, nothing but loving words for our favorite coworking cafe at the beach so far.



Right next to Genius cafe there is a Yoga place called Power of Now Oasis, where Yoga classes are taught in a beautiful bamboo hut. They have many different Yoga classes including Hatha (& Hatha Flow), Vinyasa (& Flow), Yin, and Restorative Yoga. It’s 110k IDR (or around 7 euros) for 1 lesson, but you can also buy bundles of 5 and 10 classes. Be sure to visit the adorable Yoga cow named Angelique, and you’ll hear her moo every now and then while you practice your yoga.


Sanur is a coastal area, so there’s a big stretch of beach going on for about 7 kilometres, and there is also a path that goes all the way. Some spots are nicer than others, but if you are looking to spend some time on the beach, then there’s plenty of spots to choose from. Of course, there are also many activities to do along the beach, such as windsurfing, paddleboarding, jetski and much more.


Karaoke – Happy Puppy Karaoke
As Nina loves to sing, we went for karaoke at this place in Denpasar called Happy Puppy. It’s a very fun way to spend your evening with friends, and it’s very cheap as well, especially if you go during the week and/or before 6PM. For a small room it’s around 2.50 euros per hour (2-3 people), and you have to stay at least 2 hours and get one drink.

Super Luxurious Cinema
We went to this very cool cinema at a mall called Level 21 in Denpasar and for around 10 euros, you can go to the ‘Premiere’ room, which is like a VIP cinema, with super comfortable lounge chair recliners. They even give you a blanket, and you can order food from the menu that they bring to you while you’re enjoying the movie. Pure luxury, but affordable!


Things Nomads Eat in Sanur

There are many restaurants and cafes in Sanur, and there are many affordable places to eat. We really are having fun discovering and trying new places to eat every week! Here are some of the culinary highlights we wanted to share with you.

This amazing Italian restaurant was actually recommended by our dear friend Manissa. The owner is Italian, it serves lovely Italian food, they make loads of things themselves (such as cheese), and the prices are really reasonable. The service is also really good… Definitely, a must-try if you’re in the area!


Warung Sciue Sciue
This little Italian Warung with a Napolitan name serves Italian pizza and pasta, and at very cheap prices. We had a pizza Margherita for just over 2 euros and a spaghetti Vongole for around 4 euros!


Gecko Coffee
According to Andrea, these guys have the best coffee in BALI, and if an Italian guy says that, then it must be very good! The coffee is indeed excellent, the breakfast a bit standard but still tasty. They also have free wifi, so it’s also a great place to work from, as it’s never really busy either.

Warung Sanur Segar
This tiny Warung is run by a Indonesian woman from Sumatra, and she makes fresh Mexican dishes that are really, really good at very cheap prices. The food is very fresh and delicious, and the owner is also very talkative and friendly as she always wants to practice her English. This place is actually rated number 1 of places to eat in Sanur, and we certainly understand why!

Bread Basket
This cute bakery bakes some delicious loafs of bread, including sourdough, baguette, ciabatta and even pretzels. You can make your own sandwich there for just over 2 euros. You can also buy loafs of bread there; they have a  delicious loaf of sourdough bread. They also have good coffee and drinks – The cappuccino frappe is simply delicious!


Juicy & Crispy
This cute Warung serves amazing grilled chicken and BBQ ribs, that are, as their name suggests, pretty Juicy & Crispy. They have a whole grilled chicken for around 5 euros, which is quite affordable. They also serve some really good side dishes, we particularly liked the baked potato and the fries. Also, they have a delivery service, so if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your room or villa, then ordering some juicy grilled chicken or BBQ ribs might be a good option.

The Glass House
The Glass House is an Australian restaurant where they serve burgers, fish and meat dishes as well as breakfast dishes and cocktails. Andrea had the Australian meat pie, which was really good. The ambiance is also really nice, and the cakes looked very delish, so we will definitely be back to taste those!

Where We Are Staying

During our first two weeks in Sanur we stayed at an Airbnb just outside Sanur that we had already booked for both months before we got to Bali. That was a mistake, because the place was too expensive for what we got and it was very far away from the coworking space. When you want to stay for several months in a place in South East Asia, it’s definiely better to physically visit possible accommodations; you will also get the best prices this way.

So after two weeks, we decided to move out, as we had found another place to stay. This one was much nicer and much closer to Sanur centre. It’s called Astana Made Villas, and they have 9 fully furnished studios with a gorgeous shared pool and a nice garden.


Other Tips from Things Nomads Do

Scooter rental

In South East Asia it seems scooters are essential, as public transportation is pretty much non-existent. Our good friend Claudi recommended a good scooter rental guy to us, who also delivers the scooter to your doorstep. We have a really good scooter for 50 euros a month. If you would like to receive the contact from us, just let us know and we’ll pass you his contact number.


1 Euro = 14,618 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

1 US Dollar = 13,303 IDR

1 Australian Dollar = 9860 IDR

Power outlet

In Bali, they use the European style plug outlets

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  • Fab

    Great post guys! Happy to read so many new things you’re experiencing (excluding pizza and pasta) ?

    • Andrea&Nina

      Pizza and pasta will never be out of our lives! Thanks Fab!!! Things are pretty sweet here 🙂

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